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About us

In the days of long-ago the musician and the composer worked together in a continuous and active co-operation. They helped and inspired each other. An idea of the instrument-maker could improve the musician's playing technique and the composer's devices. All of these were nourished by respect for the masters and the ancestors, and by preserving the traditions, the teaching that descended from father to son.

However, this world disappeared. Today we have to be happy with someone knowing the difference between acoustic sounds and electric signs. We have to be content if our children fail to become consumers of the artificial world created by the media and the computers, and they have a chance to live humanly. One of the bases of such a life is learning how to play an instrument and gaining knowledge of music.

The aim of our association is to demonstrate the importance of music in all fields of life, especially in musical education and child rearing. Our members regard instrument making as a national value.

This national value resides in the age-long vocational traditions.

The members of the Hungarian Instrument Making Guild (Magyar Hangszermíves Céh) are instrument makers, composers, performers, and specialists in education and civilization.

Accordingly, the association represents instrument making as a complex relational system, which includes not only musical education, performance and composing but the financial background and the publicity of all these. So instrument making is treated with a wide interpretation, as it was in ancient times. We are trying to revive the function of the vocation that strengthens, expands, enriches and refines the relationship between the parallel fields of performance, composing and instrument making. Both with theoretic and practical means, we wish to build such a spiritual power in musical life, through which we count as authentic representatives of it.

Considering our members, vocational excellence is a basic requirement, but we except even more from each other: to undertake our intellectual role, to find problems and offer solutions, to promote the co-operation of the participants of musical life, and to back up any kind of manifestation of instrumental music that belongs to our national values.

During our everyday work we help everyone who

- would like to buy contemporary masterly musical instruments

- would like to have their instruments mended by a reliable professional

- would like to organize programs in connection with musical instruments in art and community institutions

- needs professional guidance.

In order to reach the goals of our the association

- we organize exhibitions and festivals

- we hold continuing professional courses

- we publish brochures

- we are present at all potential forums to report about the actual state and successes of instrument making

- we reward the outstanding professionals with prizes and acknowledgment